Solar Energy

With over a decade of R&D experience on different aspects of photovoltaics, Devitos also entered the rapidly growing market of Solar Energy with client oriented solutions. With the same client orientated and client specific consultancy as with its other products. Devitos has established contacts with over 100 (inter)national PV module and inverter manufacturers which can be used for client specific solutions.
As an independent consultancy agency we can offer:

· Consultancy for tailor-made PV-systems, both on-grid and off-grid for residential, commercial and utility applications

· Simulations of PV potential utility estimation for (tailor-made) PV systems

· General support and coordination for PV project proposals and PV projects, including feasibility studies and business case

· Editing technical specifications for tenders for cooperative purchase

· Consultancy and support for selection of PV products for installers, wholesalers and retailers

· Support for import, warehousing and distribution of PV modules, inverters and mounting kits

· Support for steel ground screws, drilling - and screwing heads and accomplishing machinery for ground-based PV projects

· Consultancy for business case and strategic development for solar cell -, PV module - and inverter manufacturers to enhance unique selling points and solvability, both in existing and emerging markets

· Life Cycle Analysis for solar cells - and PV module manufacturers

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