It's safety first at Devitos!
Not only safety of you or your employees, but safety of the operating processes and equipment as well.
And when being involved from the start of the development of new equipment, the actual down-time of
your equipment can be seriously reduced without compromising on safety.

Our products are client and market specific and distinguishes us from our competitors by achieving a well-balanced mix between regulations and engineering.
Within our product range we can offer:

  • Independent consultancy for safety assessments and risk inventories

  • Engineering consultancy for existing and future equipment

  • Whole-in-one safety documentation

  • Custom made acceptance tests and safety tests

  • Laboratory-, QSHE- and risk management

  • Noise level measurements and sale of noise level warning systems

  • Freelance operator for equipment and connecting/exchanging (hazardous) gas cylinders

  • Disconnecting and connecting (Seveso type II) equipment for maintanance, transportation and (re)installation

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